Saturday, May 12, 2007

Western Sahara : Moroccan Latest Proposal Was dangersous and threatened the International legality

Western Sahara: SADR says Moroccan latest proposal to the UN SC is dangerous

Friday, May 11 @ 19:00:00 EDT

The exercise by the Sahrawi people of its right to self-determination will the be « key element” in direct negotiations between the Polisario Front and Morocco, said the Minister Delegate of the Arab Republic of Western Sahara in Europe, Mr. Mohamed Sidati. Outside the University days on the Western Sahara issue held in Madrid between May 7th and May 10th, Mr. Sidati said the resolution passed by the United Nations Security Council last April 30th set « The content and the outline of the negotiations: how the Sahrawi right for self determination will be ensured is the key element of the resolution” added Mr. Sidati The Sahrawi representative said the UN Security Council resolution and the report worked out by Secretary General Ban Ki Moon showed the growing International community’s concern about ending in a peaceful and just way and for good the conflict in Western Sahara. All this based on the necessity for the Sahrawi people to exercise its right to self-determination. » Mr. Sidati recalled the Polisario Front’s immediate « readiness to start these negotiations, with a sincere will to put and end to the conflict” Mr. Sidati also said the UN Secretary General’s Report on Western Sahara was “ balanced” because it took into consideration both belligerents’ proposals. And concerning the Polisario front’s proposal presented to the United Nations, Mr. Sidati said it was strong and brought advantages as it answered to two major aspects in the conflict. The first one being “the Respect of the International legality by recommending self-determination and the means likely to achieve it. A referendum and a free democratic ballot for the Sahrawi people” The second one offers a generous vision from the Sahrawi people with regard to the current and the future relations with the Kingdom of Morocco, added Mr. Sidati. Achieving Arab Maghreb Unity, is our objective said Mr. Sidiati, the Polisario front has proposed in this context « cooperation and coordination ties » with Morocco. Morocco's latest proposal, in relation with the conflict, said Mr. Sidati is "dangerous" and may "destabilize the whole region and put hurdles in the peace process" as he put it. As to France’s stand, Sidati said "France, the country in which was issued the Universal Human Rights Declaration is reconsidering its prestige and credibility in the region” before adding “30 years of conflict are a lesson to be learnt by France’s new leadership who need to take into consideration that without a fair and final solution to the issue, there will be no cooperation and stability in the Euro-Maghreb “ zone said the SADR representative. The SADR representative in Europe also said, he could not understand Spain's stand as to the issue because "it cautions moves opposed to the International legality" As to the US stand, Mr. Sidati said the country voted in favour of the UN Security Council’s resolution and hoped next contributions to put an end to the conflict from Washington would be positive

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