Sunday, June 11, 2006


What happened in the camps is that a couple of men were arrested, had a trial, and then were convicted of whatever it was, and sentenced to a few months in jail. The men were angry at the decision, and contacted a few friends/cousins from their tribe. These friends/cousins came, wanting to take their convicted friends out of police custody. A man-to-man struggle/fist-fight occurred with the police. Then, those friends/cousins were also arrested and charged with something comparable with trying to disrupt justice or attacking a police officer.
That was the whole thing. The people in the camps were pretty outraged with the friends/cousins who were trying to get their friends out of police custody. The next thing they knew was that an El Djzair reporter put out a story, w/o any interviews or on-the-scene reporting, with a very inaccurage report of the incident. Then, they began hearing all these twisted, added stories of demonstrations, violence, and waving of Moroccan flags. Totally untrue. The people thought it was laughable at first, but then just couldn't believe what was being done with the incident.

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