Thursday, August 29, 2013

Report on the Peaceful Protests Crackdown by Moroccan Forces in Elaiun on August 27th,2013

Report on the Peaceful Protests crackdown by moroccan Forces in Elaiun on August 27th,2013 Coinciding with the visit of the EU delegation to Western Sahara , which is headed by Assistant Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the European Union Mr. Jounathan Lis, the Saharawi population organized large demonstrations at the Semara boulevard at 6:30 pm on August 27th,2013 calling for the stopping of the depletion and the plundering of the Saharawi natural resources. The mass denounced the conclusion of the new fisheries agreement protocol ​​between the EU and Morocco, which includes the waters of the occupied Western Sahara. In the new protocol, there is no mentioning whatsoever of the situation of the Western Sahara nor the respect of the international law vis-a-vis the respect of the aspirations and the demands of the local Saharawi inhabitants.During the demonstration,People cried out loud for independence, and chanted pro-independence slogans calling for an independent state . Such slogans were like :"There is no alternative but self determination", " A Saharawi independent state is the only solution," "Long live the Popular Front for the Liberation of Sakia El Hamra and Oro de Oro "," O Saharawi! don't get fed up, for independence is the only solution ". The Smara Boulevard witnessed a heavy long besieging reinforced by the different security forces including: the repressive "the auxiliary forces" , the plain-cloth police agents , the uniformed police and many known torturers like: (Nabil Aouni ) and ( Mohammad Alalgi ) ,the Pasha of Elaaiun city: ( Nashta Mohammed ) and ( Mustafa al-Husseini ) nicknamed " the Moustahce" . These forces poured its anger on the peaceful Saharawi civilian demonstrators who were savagely beaten up and kicked so badly with sticks, batons and stones , This resulted in the severe injury of dozens of Saharawivictims: Leila Leili, Sidi Mohamed Dadash, Abdul Rahman Zeyou,Limam Sleima, Habib Al-Salhi, Meryem Bourhimi, Lafqir Bemba , Nezha Khatatri,Mahfouda LAfqir, Yaya Sukeina,,Ghaliya Joumani,Braih Farrik,Albad Mahjoub, Heydoug Azerqi,Aid Alghardag,Rgaibano Lahwaiyj,Oum Lakhout Lafqir,Lhassan Ghardag, Haddhoum Farriq and Sallam Abra. The disperse of these peaceful demonstrators crowds by force is considered a real violations of the human rights and is a prevention of peaceful protest that is guaranteed by international law. All these violations happen in Elaaiun and all other parts of Western Sahara on a regular systematic and daily basis. Saharawi cities are are all under siege and are by far militarized cities. Report by: Saharawi Center for Media and Communication. Elaaiun, Western Sahara.

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